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Time and Think Dog!

In 1967 I formed an unusual rock band that never made it, and wrote songs. At first the band was called Time. Later we were known as Think Dog!, including the exclamation point. Our story and music follows.

NOTE: The CDs started with a year-long project to salvage recordings that had been sitting on reel-to-reel tapes for as long as 35 years, transferring them to digital form and onto CDs. Almost all of the most tedious work was done by a friend, Charles Wolff, himself a prolific songwriter and appreciator of fine music. The albums of music of my band (also the classical and miscellaneous collections that appear elsewhere on this site) would not exist were it not for his generous assistance, playing the role of interested producer.

The two albums of my band's music have since become available commercially from Amazon. Click the album cover images below.

The material that follows is about music and events that took place several decades ago, when my way of life was substantially different from what it has been since then. I offer no other apologies for it.

BTWT Cover on Amazon


Before There Was Time—The Story

As Dog Days (below) neared completion, I unearthed a long-lost tape of a short album's worth of music my band recorded in a studio in Toronto in January 1968, predating any of the music on Dog Days. Here is a collection of notes to accompany the recordings, including some additional band history and anecdotes from the tumultuous months we lived in Urbana, IL, and Buffalo, NY.

Download a PDF version of the recording notes. These notes are also available in a lengthy insert within the commercial version of the CD. Click here or on the title above to view it in HTML. Click on the album cover image above to go to Amazon to buy it.

Before There Was Time Lyrics

Lyrics to all songs on Before There Was Time. I used to have complete MP3s on my old site, but now that the albums are available commercially, I can't do that.

Before There Was Time Cover Art

Cover art for Before There Was Time as released on the Shadocks Music label by

Dog Days Cover


Dog Days — The Story of Think Dog!—The Story

A set of program notes that accompanies an audio CD of Think Dog!'s collected demo tracks, assembled by a friend in June 2000, from my old reel-to-reel tapes.

The article consists of a history of the band, a summary of the interesting life courses of former band members, and comments concerning each recording on the CD. These notes are included as an insert, with color pictures in the commercial version of the CD.

Download a PDF version of the history and recording notes. Click here or on the title above to view it in HTML. Click on the album cover image to go to Amazon to buy it.

Dog Days Lyrics

Lyrics of Think Dog! songs on Dog Days

Dog Days Cover Art

Cover art for Dog Days as released on the Shadocks Music label by


A Time and Think Dog! Slide Show

A few pictures of Time and Think Dog!

Wave Editing Notes

Technical notes written by Charles Wolff on what he did to clean up some of the tapes used to make Dog Days.