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The Black Bag Presents: Musical Massage

On May 18, 1967, I presented a concert with two friends, David Rosenboom and Bill Mullen. We called ourselves The Black Bag, and we dubbed our concert Musical Massage, paraphrasing media expert Marshall McLuhan. The artwork was created by David Rosenboom.

The bright DayGlo poster was hard to keep up, because wherever we put them, they would immediately get stolen. But perhaps because they were prized items, they were evidently passed around and seen by a lot of people, because attendance at our concert was good. People came out of curiosity because of the premiere of my new work The Aluminum Foil Fantasy.


Later that year, my band Time performed The Aluminum Foil Fantasy twice. The second was on a winter rock festival at a theater downstairs from our rehearsal studio in the former Pierce Arrow factory.