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The music on Classical Works and Aluminum Works is not "classical" in the usual sense of what most people expect when they think of classical music. I was a composer raised and trained in the classical tradition. The music on these albums reflects that background, but it would be thought of as avant-garde by most persons unable to resist assigning labels and categories to music, and incomprehensible by those who aren't.

Whatever Works is a collection of leftover bits and pieces, including both classical and outtakes of recordings from my band.

Classical Works

Works I wrote as a music composition student at University of Illinois, between 1962 and 1967. Includes one MP3

Aluminum Works

Two versions of The Aluminum Foil Fantasy, an atonal third stream rock extravaganza for screaming rock and roll kid band and electronic tape. Also on the album is just the electronic tape part by itself, and my 1967 theater piece What Good Is a Trombone Player?

Whatever Works

Leftover bits and pieces that did not make it onto the other CDs.