NeologisticsMusicSelahThe Move to Wilmette → 606 Central Ave. Wilmette

This is the house I consider home, where I grew up. My parents owned it for nineteen years. Notice the real estate sign in front. This picture is the official shot taken by the real estate company, used to promote the sale of the house. If you look closely, you can see printing written on the other side showing through the photograph, which is all the descriptive detail about the house.

It has both a full attic, which we used for nothing but storage, but later residents fixed up, and a full basement, also enclosed front and back porches, and a one-car garage in the back off the alley. There were four bedrooms upstairs, but only one full bathroom, and only a toilet in the basement.

I understand my parents paid under $30,000 for the house in 1952. My mother told me that the last she heard, it had recently been resold for half a million, and I have seen it listed for as much as $850,000. As they say in the real estate business, location is everything.

606 Central in Wilmette