This is the program from my Senior Composition Recital, July 29, 1966. (Duh. That's what it says at the top.). I notice the performance was at 8:30 PM. These days I'm starting to think about bedtime around then.

Roger Shields played the Sonata for Piano well once again, though not as well as the premiere, which was not recorded.

The String Quartet was canceled because my violist couldn't make it. He has taught viola at ASU here in Tempe for decades. Dorothy Hayes, listed as second violinist, and who was my classmate, became the second Mrs. Martirano.

The performance of Branches of Wistaria, which I conducted myself, went fairly well. Fortunately, it was only two months after the premiere, and I was able to get all the original players, which was fortunate considering it was summer school. It wouldn't have been possible otherwise, because we were able to have no more than two rehearsals to refresh the piece.

I was disgusted to have to use my woodwind quartet, originally titled Introduction and March, on this program, because it was the first thing I wrote at U of I, and was more conservative than anything I wrote even in high school. I'd outgrown the style before I wrote the music. So I renamed it Comic Relief.

On When in Eternal Lines to Time Thou Grow'st I had four original players (Joe Dechario, Wally Rave, who also now teaches at ASU, John Garvey, and my roommate for the summer Mike Ranta), and three new players. It was ragged, but we got through it.

Senior recital program