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My father is here conducting a rehearsal of the Brahms Double Concerto (for violin and cello) with the Twin Cities Symphony. Oscar Chausow (standing), with whom Dad also played in a string quartet, is the solo violinist, and Harry Sturm, a man Dad played with in several organizations from the time of his youth, is the solo cellist. We have a picture of them playing together in the Kansas City Philharmonic String Quartet, where Sturm looks not much older than 25.

The Twin Cities Symphony was not a big budget orchestra, but under my father they did some rather interesting things. Over the years I was left with the clear impression that between the two civic orchestras Dad conducted, Twin Cities was the better orchestra, and his preferred gig.

Benton Harbor was a 100-mile commute each direction from our home in Wilmette. However, my father's mother and two sisters and other relatives all lived there, so he always had a place to stay whenever he went and had to stay.

Twin Cities rehearsal