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David Rosenboom, Tom McFaul, Lynn Newton -- the founding fathers of the band that became Time and then Think Dog!

It all happened sort of like this: Dave and I were buddies, and Tom and I were buddies. Dave and I threw a new music concert with another friend for which I wrote a big, hairy avant garde rock and roll piece called The Aluminum Foil Fantasy. Three days later I met a hippie who wanted to start a band. So did I, so we did. First I asked Tom to join, then I asked Dave. The hippie didn't last long in our company. The rest of us moved on, first to Buffalo, New York, where we added Richard Stanley, then to New York City.

This picture was taken in McFauls' apartment in Buffalo, after we had just eaten dinner. Regrettably, there is not a single photograph of all four of us together. However, the pair of pictures below playing our garage gig comes close.

The Founding Fathers