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Here Richard and I are rehearsing Lily Has a Rose, a song I wrote on a poem of e.e. cummings. I wrote it originally for voice and guitar alone while we were still in Urbana.

Because it has some tricky rhythmic problems, and is not the sort of thing you would add organ and drums to, it remained a solo song for some time. When we decided to record it, I wrote out a completely notated lute part for Richard to play, in order to enrich the sound. I prefer it that way, but to this day I still think it stands well as a solo voice and guitar song, and I still sing and play it for my own pleasure on those rare occasions I pull out a guitar. I would love to hear it recorded properly some day.

I like the artsy tilt on this shot. It's too bad the microphone stand cuts right through Richard's face.

Lynn and Richard rehearsing Lily Has a Rose