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Playing piano in my apartment on 71st Street, in the block west of Central Park. We lived literally around the corner from the Dakota apartments, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono took up residence just a year or so later. I took over the lease on this apartment when David Rosenboom moved out, and lived in it for over a year.

Notice the Vox Beatle amplifier is at the end of the piano. I'm not sure exactly how it ended up at my place, since the band was still together at this time, but struggling. For the last several months of our existence, we abandoned our Mott Street loft, after being robbed twice. We kept much of what was left of our equipment at the recording studio David Lucas was building in midtown, only two blocks from where I worked. We spent much time hanging out, jamming, and sometimes rehearsing at Lucas', but mostly wondering what we were going to do next.

In the end, as both the first and last member of the band, I inherited what little stuff was left, including the Vox, which I played on until it finally fell apart and would no longer work. I also kept our excellent Gibson ES-335 guitar, which I still have and sometimes play.

Lynn playing piano in 71st Street apartment