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St. George Marathon

St. George, UT, October 4, 1997

At mile seven

They had professional photographers set up at mile seven and mile fourteen. They were sitting on the road about ten feet apart, and runners had to pass between them like going through a gate. A sign a few hundred yards ahead alerted us to what was coming, so I had time to flip up my sunglasses and look pleasant as I ran through.

This picture isn't very good, so I didn't order a copy, but scanned it from the proof they sent me, and trimmed out some stuff on the computer.

Mile 7

At mile fourteen

By this time I was less inclined to look like I was having fun. The photographer was an attractive young woman, so I was able to muster up a quick smile. I didn't get a finished print of this one. I made the JPG off the proof.

Mile 14

At the finish line

Here I am, tired, relieved, looking like I'm in pain (I wasn't), and very happy. Every finishing picture I have of myself shows me grabbing my wrist. I'm stopping my wrist timer.

You can see from the right part of the clock above me and the left part of the other clock that it says 4:44:55. However, my time registered officially as 4:44:52. My wrist timer, started when I crossed the starting line, said 4:42:21, which was my real time, the difference being the amount of time it took me to get to the starting line.


Shortly after finishing

Kneeling in the grass about fifteen minutes after finishing, having downed a couple of yogurts, a piece of bread, and various other items, waiting for the award ceremonies to begin. The gazebo in the background is where they were held. I don't know why the shadow on my face is so dark on this one. Probably because I don't know how to use Photoshop. The original is very clear. Maybe someday I'll redo it.