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Table of Contents

Title Page
1. In the Beginning
The Original
The Internet Running Culture
I Me Mine
Real Life
Credit Where Credit Is Due
2. Geezer's Big Adventure
Bringing You Up to Date
What's Ahead
A Beginning
3. Getting Stronger Every Day
Why I Run on an Indoor Track
A Quality Five-Miler
Getting Out of Sync
Thinking about Balance
Sumer Is Icumen In
On Becoming a Certified Geezer
An Oasis in the Cultural Wilderness
True Confession
Back to Reality
I Hate to Eat and Run
A Shady Character
Close Encounters
About Walking Breaks
Big Talk
Training Versus Racing
Another Slip into Geezerdom
Consequences of Being Shy
An Unintentional Tempo Run
Halfway There?
Burned by the Cookie Monster
4. Turning Up the Volume
Taking it Easy
My Wife's Heinous Plot
The Ritual
Ooh! My Arms
Another New Running Friend
And On it Went
Running Slowly Is Fun
Growing Confident
More Fun Going Slowly
Gone With the Wind
Tracking a New Statistic
Evaluating Progress
Fear of Quitting
Reasons and Excuses
Across the Great Divide
Recognizing Pain
Where's My Tree?
A Noble PW
Back At It
Johnny B Goode
The Degree of Struggle Is Relative
Running When You Have a Life
Yes We're Going to a Party Party
Preventing Pain
Like Nothing At All
My Gadgets Revolt
Geezer Gets Noticed
Geezer Nearly Loses His Cookies
Slow Is Us
Analysis Time
5. Peaking
Blame It On the Gumption
The Wanderer
When Body and Mind Disagree
Bottle Me Up and Sell Me
Why Train Beyond the Marathon Distance?
The Dirty Details
Boredom Comes from Within
Putting Things in Perspective
Saying Uncle
I Feel Fine
Goofy Runners
The Beat Goes On
Running On Another Planet
My Own Niche
A Marathon at the Track
Running and Spirituality
The Big Picture
Catching Up
Fat Man's Misery
A Prophecy Fulfilled
It's All Too Much
I'm So Tired
Getting Better
Why Don't We Do It in the Road?
No Reply
Get Back
Ask Me Why
6. The Slide
When I'm 64
The Fool Over the Hill
Carry That Weight
I'm Only Sleeping
Not a Second Time
I'm A Loser
Sea of Time
Slow Down
Come Together
It Won't Be Long
Twist and Shout
Got To Get You Into My Life
Helter Skelter
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey
Maybe I'm Amazed
Crying, Waiting, Hoping
A Hard Day's Night
You Can't Do That
I've Got A Feeling
Hello Goodbye
I Kneed You
I'm Down
Eight Days a Week
Act Naturally
Things We Said Today
You Won't See Me
7. Twin Cities and Beyond
Magical Mystery Tour
The Night Before
Golden Slumbers
Roll Over Beethoven
Ticket to Ride
The Long and Winding Road
Run for Your Life
With a Little Help from My Friends
All Things Must Pass
The End
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
When I Get Home
I Am the Walrus
Tell Me Why
Tomorrow Never Knows
Drive My Car
Nothin' Shakin'
I'll Be Back
Ooh! My Soul
All I've Got To Do
We Can Work It Out
Two of Us
Good Day Sunshine
Dig It
8. The Delicate Middle
What Goes On
I'll Be On My Way
I'll Cry Instead
Fixing a Hole
In My Life
The Hippy Hippy Shake
Bad Boy
Too Much Monkey Business
A Day in the Life
Sunday Brings Another Day
This Boy
Don't Pass Me By
Marking Time
How Do You Do It
I'll Follow The Sun
The Beat Goes On
9. Dead in Tucson
All Together Now
Glad All Over
On the Road Again
Every Little Thing
Riding on A Bus
I Just Don't Understand
I Should Have Known Better
Give Me Some Truth
Sea of Holes
Pain in My Heart
Not Guilty
Across the Universe
Mother Nature's Son
Any Time at All
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
That'll Be The Day
And Your Bird Can Sing
Money (That's What I Want)
Send in the Clowns
Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
10. Getting Close
Do You Want To Know A Secret
If You've Got Trouble
Free As a Bird
All You Need Is Love
The Word
P.S. I Love You
11. Across the Years
Across the Years Slide Show
From Me To You
Getting Ready to Rock and Roll
Day Tripper
I've Just Seen a Face
If I Needed Someone
Don't Ever Change
My Goals
Here, There and Everywhere
Young Blood
Good Night
There's a Place
I Forgot to Remember to Forget
Long, Long, Long
March Of The Meanies
Don't Bother Me
Here Comes the Sun
Good Morning Good Morning
Don't Let Me Down
I Saw Her Standing There
I Will
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry
If I Fell
A Taste of Honey
12. All Said and Done
Just the Facts
Them Dry Bones
Just a Rumour
Answers to Questions
Some Lessons Learned
Let It Be
Appendix A: Some Running Terms
Appendix B: Training Log
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