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Reconstructing a Musical Life

A musical memoir may be constructed from several independently created writing projects found here. Each is discussed in more detail in its own section. The links here are to introductions to those writings. From those you can go to the accounts themselves. The pieces were not written in the order shown, but are listed in more-or-less chronological order, i.e., relative to my life. Dates of writing are noted in parentheses.

Selah My father, childhood, and school (May 25, 2001). Begins with a thumbnail background.
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The Beatles and Me A memoir about my musical activities in Urbana, Illinois, 1966—1967, a year or two before I formed my band, and what led me to do it. There is some overlap here with Dog Days, but this article was written long before I dreamed of putting together CDs of our music, and from a much different perspective. (October, 1994)
Time and Think Dog! The story of my rock band, recordings, album art, lyrics, links to where the albums can be purchased
  Before There Was Time The early days of my band in Urbana and Buffalo (July 8, 2001)
  Dog Days—The Story of Think Dog! The glory days and demise of my band in New York (July 1, 2000)
  Loose Ends Items that don't fall into any other category
Roots Three home-made albums mostly of music from my student days
Keith Jarrett Biography A biographical sketch of this great pianist. (November, 1994)
An Encounter with Luciano Berio How I was able, with the help of a friend, to do a favor for Mr. Berio, and get an autographed score in return.