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Before There Was Time — Cover Art

This is the cover art for Before There Was Time as released on the Shadocks Music label (#054), available from, in both CD and vinyl. (The vinyl edition may be sold out!) Their web site is old fashioned, but the products come with first class packaging. To buy the recording, go to the web site, find it, and phone or mail your order. Before There Was Time comes with an 18-page booklet of program notes.

BTWT Front Cover The picture in the circle was a publicity photo session in Buffalo, and was shot through a fisheye lens, a device popular for making psychedelic effects in those days. This dates from about November, 1967. I never knew the picture existed until one of the others unearthed it and sent it to me for scanning. I am the one in the foreground wearing the bluish tinted robe, which was actually brown. Tom McFaul is on the left, David Rosenboom in the background, and Richard Stanley on the right. It was his Land Rover we were sitting on. Shadock superimposed it over the exotic painting. I don't know the artist. Click on the image to see it blown up to full size.
BTWT Back Cover The pictures on the back are the results of some miraculous restoration with Photoshop. The color picture at the top with the four of us together, was actually knitted together from two pictures. It was taken the last week of December, 1967. We are actually performing in an unheated garage in Buffalo at someone's New Year's party. It was so cold we could hardly play, and the string instruments would not stay in tune. If you click on the image you may be able to read the text better. We recorded this album a few days after the garage picture was taken.