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When we moved to Buffalo, New York, we obtained a useful and comfortably spacious rehearsal loft in an industrial building that had been the manufacturing site of Pierce-Arrow automobiles decades earlier. We could make all the noise we wanted there, at any time of day, except on nights when the experimental theater downstairs had shows. But it almost never did.

Here we are seen rehearsing Richard Stanley's song Waking. I'm playing Richard's lute, Tom is singing, and Richard is playing dulcimer.

We don't have a panoramic shot of the studio. We were seated here on the north end. There was a ledge on the end we could stash stuff on, and a raised area and a window further to the left. That's my bass amplifier and the front of Tom's Farfisa organ seen between us, with an amplifier behind it. In the front is what I am calling a clavinet, an electronic keyboard instrument that predates MIDI keyboards, electric pianos, and even the Fender Rhodes. I had forgotten about it until I saw the pictures of it. This instrument did not belong to us. I'm pretty sure that our manager Jim Mohr rented it for us for the duration of our rehearsals for and recordings made in Toronto, after which it had to be returned.

Rehearsing Waking