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Jim Mohr, with Kathy (who now goes by Kate) Stanley in the foreground. This is a terrible picture, but I've included it because it is absolutely the only shot I have with Kathy in it. Both look incredibly bored, as anyone who is merely a bystander at a marathon recording session would rightly be.

Comparing the two pictures with Jim in them leads me to conclude that the previous one was from the first session, and this one was from the second session. The first time up we had to take all our gear, and there was absolutely no room for wives to come along. But the second trip we made in two cars, so evidently Kathy came along on this trip. However, I don't think Ellen McFaul made it. The total absence of any pictures of her at the session tends to verify that recollection.

One minor mystery remains. Notice that Jim is dressed here in a business suit. My memory tells me that this session, including the two-hour trip each way, was held on a Sunday, when there would have been no one around except us, the engineers, and whatever people were necessary to keep the studio open. Dressing in a suit seems like a bit of overkill to me, but Jim was a traditional businessman who ran a small advertising agency, so I guess this was his standard uniform. However, in the other shot, he is wearing neither a tie nor a suit.

Jim Mohr and Kathy (a.k.a. Kate) Stanley