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Bob Steeler became our last drummer sometime before Ron Renninger joined us, at which time his last name was spelled Stuhler. Bob was an agreeable and loyal fellow that we all got along with, and he stuck it out with us to the end.

Although I don't have any photographs of Bob from the days we were together, he played with us during all our later and best recordings, and so deserves a more prominent place in this slide show than I have been able to provide. I couldn't put this up without some kind of a picture of him.

As you can see, there is more to this picture than the thumbnail shows. About two years after I last saw Steeler, he joined Hot Tuna, the band that formed when Jack Cassidy and Jorma Kaukonen (shown here) split off from Jefferson Airplane, which then became known as Jefferson Starship. Steeler remained with the band for several years, touring and recording, left for a while, and them rejoined them for a couple more years.

This performance photograph is probably copyrighted and is used without permission. (I haven't asked.) If the owners ever find it and really object, I'll remove it. I'll also then never buy a Hot Tuna album.

Steeler is now an artist living near Denver, Colorado, apparently doing well, from what I was able to determine in a half hour telephone conversation with him. Steeler is not on the Net, and doesn't seem to be the type that he likely ever will be, so we have not communicated since just before our CD Dog Days was produced.

Bob Steeler playing with Hot Tuna