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Still Early

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By this time I had stripped off the long warmup pants I started the race in. We started running the opposite direction, and the sky is still pretty funky, so my guess is that this is sometime between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

This shot gives a good view of the center of the main camp. The blue squarish tent in the background is right next to the yellow line. They had a portable propane space heater in there, which proved to be useful two nights before, when I spent six hours there calling the numbers.

Notice the runner getting the massage. The table belonged to 64-year-old 6-day runner Andy Lovy, a psychaiatrist and sports physician. He ran hard the first day, and spent the rest of the week giving free medical and psychological support to everyone else. That's not Andy giving the massage, though.

On the left is the aid station with the sort of food you can grab as you run by — candy, cookies, fruit, and an endless supply of water, Gatorade, and Coke.

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