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Across the Years Slide Show

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These are slides from the Across the Years 6-day, 48-hour, and 24-hour race, held starting at various times from December 26, 1999, with all races ending at 9:00 AM on January 1, 2000.

Click on the links below to see individual pictures, or else follow the sequence by pressing the arrows.

This is a blown-up picture of the little trophies that were given to all competitors.
I put this here because I didn't have a better place for it!

Cyra-Lea and I putting up the tent
Running alone on the north curve
Running with Bill Perkins
11:43 AM
Still early in the race
Running down the west side
Running the other way
Our stakeout
Panoramic view from the bleachers
The Brazilian camp
A variety of runners
Tats ("Tatch") Murumatsu
It's morning
Powerwalking to 80 miles
Nearly done
Ruth Ann, our faithful helper
Obviously kaput
Awards begin: Paul, Jesse, and Mima
Tired spectators
Stephanie Ehret, 24-hour overall winner
Edson Luis Ferreira Menses, 24-hour men's winner
Nikki Seger, 48-hour women's winner
Luciano Prado dos Santos, 48-hour men's winner
Antonio Edmilson de Freitas and Martina Hausman, six-day winners
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