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Paul, Jesse, Mima

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Immediately following his own blazing finish to the 6-day race, covering the last three laps in less than 1:15 each, Paul changed clothes, and commandeered this ladder as a podium from which to present the awards. That's Jesse, the youngest Bonnett-Castillo in the middle, and Paul's wife Mima. I think that's Ruth Ann peering out of the computer booth at the top of the bleachers, or else it's her friend and co-worker, who is very much like her. Paul and Mima's oldest son, Charlie (a good short distance runner himself), is in there, too, working up the final Internet report on one of the computers.

Regrettably, I neglected to put a picture of middle son, 13-year-old James Bonnett-Castillo in this collection. James is an ultrarunning phenom, and finished third overall in the 24-hour race, with a total of 106.13 miles, bettering his mark of last year by 4.73 miles. He's also a highly agreeable kid. His father made him sleep for a few hours during the night. Whenever I saw him on the track, James was usually running, not walking. Mabye I'll insert a picture later, since I do have a couple of them among my glossies.

I can't identify the picture of the smiling runner at the bottom left.

Notice that the sky is now clear blue. The year 2000 started off cool, but not cold, and with a beautiful morning.

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