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Stephanie Ehret, 24-hour overall winner

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Stephanie Ehret receives the 24-hour overall award from Mima. Jesse is in the background. Stephanie finished with 116.82 miles, beating the nearest male competitor by 4.48 miles. Last year she ran an astounding 128.99 miles, but ended up in the hospital for a couple of days afterward.

Stephanie had stomach problems at the beginning of this race, too, but was able to overcome them, and finally charged ahead of everyone else with some blazing late-night laps that left everyone observing gasping. This lady is good!

In the background on the right is Joseph Marchard, a retired high school science teacher from British Columbia. He and his wife travel around to many ultraraces. I met him and enjoyed some great conversation with him on Wednesday, at which time he was just visiting. By the time I saw him on Thursday, he had signed up to run. Although he said he wasn't in shape for a 24-hour race, he finished with 96.19 miles. He's age 58.

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