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Many older runners run mult-day events. This shot is an interesting study in contrasts.

On the left is 70-year-old Richard Cozart from Florida, who strung together 119.06 miles in the 48-hour race.

The runner in the red shirt and white shorts and singlet is 64-year-old Arizonan Michael G. Allen, who beat me in the 24-hour race by two laps. Michael was on the 1964 US Olympic cycling team, and just a few weeks before this race ran the Mad Dog 50K here in Scottsdale. Michael is a breath of fresh air with his friendliness and optimism. Every time he passed me, he had encouraging words to share.

I believe the younger runner with the sunglasses in front is Chase Duarte. In the photo it looks like his number is 135, but there is no 135 in my finishers list. However, Chase was 35, age 32, and ran up a total of 91.96 miles.

Of the three runners on the right, I can't identify the one with the white top. The one in the middle, number 56, with the hat, is Brazilian Luciano Prado dos Santos, on his way to victory in the 48-hour race. The stud without a shirt I believe is Robert Palmer, who finished with 42.99 miles. I think he had a tough day or got injured or something, because I don't remember seeing him after a few hours.

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